Patients who feel a chaperone is required are entitled to have one present where for example they will be having an intimate examination. The purpose of the chaperone is to act as a safeguard not only for the patient but also for the doctor or nurse.

All of our nursing and healthcare assistant teams have received specialist training and to increase the availability of chaperones within the surgery we are currently finalising arrangements for 2 members of the administration team to undertake this role.

Patients are asked to specifically mention at the time of requesting an appointment that they would like to have a chaperone present. This will help us to ensure that one of the team is available. Please note that it is unlikely that we will be able to provide a chaperone at one of our Saturday morning clinics.

There are occasions where a clinician feels that a chaperone should be present. They will discuss this with the patient during the consultation and every effort will be made to provide one at the time. Regrettably, there may be occasions where it is necessary for the patient to make another appointment when a chaperone is available.