Zero Tolerance

Fortunately, there are very few instances of problems within the surgery but we do support the NHS policy of zero tolerance in connection with behaviour towards staff.

We do have to take into consideration that patients, including children, could be affected should they witness any such behaviour whilst with us.

The NHS policy of zero tolerance which defines violence as:

“Any incident where staff are abused, threatened or assaulted in circumstances related to their work, involving an explicit or implicit challenge to their safety, well-being or health.”

Violence and aggression towards a person may also be defined as:

“A physical contact with another person which may or may not result in pain or injury. The contact is uninvited and is an attempt to cause harm, injury or to intimidate. Non-physical aggression includes the use of language which causes offence or threatens the safety of a member of staff.”

As you would expect the practice takes a serious view of any incidents of physical or verbal abuse against any member of the team.

Practice policy is:

  • Our practice staff are here to help you.
  • Our aim is to be polite and helpful to all patients.
  • If you consider that you have been treated unfairly or inappropriately, please contact the practice or see our complaints form.
  • Inappropriate behaviour, including shouting and swearing, will not be tolerated and any patient behaving in this way will be asked to leave the surgery.
  • Depending upon the severity of the situation a patient may be removed from our list and asked to register with a different surgery.